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How I Built an Awesome Surround Sound System One Piece at a Time

One of my favorite things to do has always been going to the movies. One of the reasons that I loved one to the movies is the fact that the sound is so much above what you would experience than if you had rented the movie and watched it at home. When my wife and I were first baiting we went to the movies a lot. Now that my wife and I are married and have three children we go to the movie theater not so much. I still loved to go to the movies however between soccer practice, karate class and ballet recitals I simply did not have the time or the energy to go to the theater or regular basis anymore.

One evening hours talking with my wife and explained to her pal I missed annoying to the theater like we used to. Then she asked me a question which just made my jaw drop to the floor. She asked, “Why don't you build a surround sound theater system for us?” Now you see why I love my wife.

So there I found myself in the market to buy my wife and me the perfect surround sound home theater system. I soon found out that with our family budget we simply could not afford to buy a complete surround sound home theater system. So once again I turned to my wife and she suggested that we buy it one component at a time. My wife is brilliant as you can see.

To make a long story short that is exactly what my wife and I did. The first thing that we did was said about defining exactly how much space we could a lot to our new system. Then we consulted our budget and went shopping. The first component in our awesome surround Sound System that we purchase was a high quality preamp. Since this is a sound processor and an amplifier plus an AM/FM radio all rolled in the one, we figured this would be the best component to start with. Since this component is the first piece of equipment which would receive any of the signals we thought that it would be logical to start with it.

From there we moved onto a high quality DVD/DVR player, and then we purchased the speakers. We completed the surround sound system with a nice flat panel television set mounted firmly on the wall. I have also since then moved both my gaming consoles into the media room to make it complete.

I personally think that by going step by step and buying higher quality components as we could afford them that we have achieved our goal to catch that “movie experience” which we both have missed for so long. Hopefully you can use my example and build your own awesome surround sound home entertainment system.

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