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Surround Sound System Theory Article

Are You Ready for Surround Sound?

Going to the movies can be a lot of fun, but can also be outrageously expensive, and annoying if you are in a crowded theatre with less than courteous people. Nothing can make me angrier than sitting in a movie theater, watching a movie that I paid good money to see, and have someone behind me talking, or their cell phone ringing off the hook. I am of the mindset that if you are coming to a movie you should either turn the dang cell phone on vibrate, or stay home and watch the movie when it comes to video. Speaking of staying home to watch a movie, with the surround sound technology now available, many people choose to create their home theatre, rather than waste their time and money on going to the movies. If you arenít interested in movies, surround sound can still be beneficial to you, just when you are watching TV.

It doesnít take a lot of money to create your own home theatre; you can start out small, and then build up as the funds are available. When you are creating your surround sound, you should invest in two or three high quality speakers, rather than going for six or seven less expensive speakers. If you go for quality from the start, you will be much happier with the end result. If you donít want to go to the effort to build your own surround sound system and theater a piece at a time, you might want to just purchase a kit, which can be found in the electronics department of your local superstore, such as Target, or Wal-Mart.

It isnít a good idea to go shopping and toss the first kit you find in your buggy, it is always best to shop around for the best deals. Some of the major electronics stores will actually have kits set up, so that you can hear the quality for yourself, before making a purchase. It is a good idea to know how much you can afford to spend before you go, and start with the least expensive systems, and check them all out until you find one you like. Donít blow your budget just because you can!

It is still a good idea to take your time and put some thought into your purchase, even if you do find a kit that you like and that fits into your budget. Get the pertinent information, such as the manufacturer and the specs, and then go online to do some research, before making your final decision. You may be able to find a lower price with some of the many online merchants, if you are willing to look for them. If you donít really want to buy online, you could print out the merchants add that you find, take it down to your electronics superstore and see if they are willing to match that price, or at least throw in some extras to convince you to make the purchase with them. All you have to lose is a little bit of time, and you never know what kind of deal you might end up with!

It is better to find the surround system that you like first, and then worry about the price. While money does limit us as to what we can do, it shouldnít be the sole driving factor in the decisions that we make, as it is for many people nowadays.

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